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About Us

King of Racks BBQ Food Truck is a Family Run Business.  My name is Anthony Garcia and I am the Owner. Working along side me is my wife Ceci of 10 years and my beautiful daughter Sophia.  Both my parents Ralph and Cecilia (who is also a cook and the inspiration for a few of the item menus) and my high school buddy Ozzie who is my right hand on the truck. I take 100% pride in the food we cook and serve. All menu items and creations are a family colaboratin of sorts. We use the finest ingrediants at our disposal.

Our Ribs, Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork are marinated in our secret rub and cooked Slow and Low how only the best BBQ was intended.  We have a variety of Homemade Signature BBQ Sauces Made by US (not that bottled stuff) which include our

Original Sweet & Tangy, Spicy Sriracha, Smokey and Guava (for that good ol' Miami Flavor).


 Having a good BBQ in your backyard is a sure way of entertaining your friends and family. We take the spirit of BBQ, and serve it to you on a platter. You can distinguish our Food Truck by the mouthwatering smell of hickory smoked BBQ which has been cooking on low for the past few hours entering your nose. Coupled with the smells come the great memories of past BBQ sessions on your back patio, or anywhere else for that matter.
We put a lot of time and effort into what we do; we strive to make every experience at our Food Truck a memorable one. This means having superior quality meat and other ingreadients, using only the tastiest recipes, and creating most all of our food in-house. We focus heavily on customer service, and hold all of your feedback in high regard. Our first priority is to provide great food in a comfortable setting, and make sure all of your needs are met.
If you are looking for great original BBQ flavor in a casual and relaxed setting with professional staff, then come to King of Racks BBQ, where all your BBQ needs will be satisfied. 


Food Trucks


The food truck scene in Florida has been slowly brewing for the past few years. Similar trends have shown up and exploded in other locations such as LA, New York, and Seattle. Back then, not many people knew what would come of the new food truck trend here in Florida. Today, you can find all kinds of delicious foods being hauled up and down Florida from north to south. Not only that, but food trucks have now been woven into the culture of Florida residents in one way or another. There are multiple events which center on the new features food trucks bring to the table.


Food trucks bring a great new flavor and feel to the atmosphere of Florida. Each food-serving truck has a unique personality and culture. Trucks can be styled using fancy and colorful graphics which catch everybody’s attention. The food each truck serves varies, and the scene is capable of serving food of many cultures and flavors. The products can range from being distinguished and well known to funky and experimental. For example, food trucks can serve anything from Asian style wings and Cuban influenced burgers to deep fried cupcakes.


Most outsiders would probably consider food trucks to be some kind of cheap fast food. On the contrary, many higher-end gourmet food trucks have been popping up. This brings new developments to the fairly young food truck scene in Florida, and gives the scene a whole new look and feel. Maybe a few years from now, classy mobile restaurants will pop up and disappear in a matter of days, with food being served out the side of a truck; anything is possible in the ever-expanding business of food trucks.


The idea and spirit of food trucks is great, and it’s no doubt they add a great vibe to life in Florida. I love food trucks the most for their portability, the convenience, having room to experiment and try new things, and the general vibe they bring about.


A Great Big Thank You goes out to all of our recent promoters/coordinators for all the great events that we have been invited to participate in. So a little bit of name dropping and to let you know,

We Roll with:






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